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New Sponsor Announcement

Published Jan 13, 2021

MOROS FC is thrilled to announce our new sponsor @unitedcontractorsnc.
More infos about the organization are found in the following link :

A Father & Son Company

In 1997, Adel Fathy, started in the home renovation business as United Wallpaper and Painting. He had nothing but a paintbrush and the motivation to provide for his newly born boy. Adel did not have much experience or money to begin with but what separated him from the competition was his willingness to give you the shirt right off his back. His commitment to the customers that believed in him, his commitment to his family and most importantly His commitment to God is what separated Adel from others.

My name is Ahmed Fathy, I'm your 25-year-old Raleigh boy taking the torch from my father. I've spent my life learning home renovation from my father and today I present to you my own company, United Contractors of NC, Inc®. My vision is simple; to bring trust back to home repair. UCNC® offers a variety of services: Interior/Exterior Painting, Dry Wall Repair, Flooring Installation, Popcorn Ceiling removal, Tub Resurfacing and Tile installation.

We are here to provide a professional service that you would expect from any large company, but with the customer service and support of a small company. Our prices are competitive and you can expect us to be less expensive than any larger companies, because we only do a limited number of homes each year. You won't see our name all over town on buses, bus stops, or people shaking signs. We do most of our work through referrals and great customer service to keep our prices lower than the competition.

To Raleigh the greatest city in America; to North Carolina, the state that accepted my father with open arms and gave him the opportunity to grow; to America, which God has blessed us to be apart of, We thank you!

I, Ahmed Fathy, promise and God All-Mighty is my witness that I will give my all in providing you the best service possible.

Welcome to the family.