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Goal Keepers Training

Goalkeeper Program
Spring 2021


During the spring we will be offering Goalkeeper training for for all players ages, players that are interested in playing this position and want to develop their skill set for this specialized position.

To be successful as a goalkeeper you need to be technically sound, there is not many parts to goalkeeping but what there is needs to be done to a high standard. Therefore training itself is very repetitive working on our basics constantly, some which may seem simple but building that muscle memory so our technique is efficient and clean come game time.


It is with great pleasure that we write in strong support of Pablo's coaching methods and character, whether it is a young goalkeeper stepping into goal for the first time, a seasoned pro, or a parent looking for a quality trainer.

By applying Moros FC learning principles: Elevate, Pride, Insight, and Competition each goalkeeper will improve in the 4 aspects of goalkeeping: Technical, Tactical, Mental, & Physical with technical coaching by our professional staff.    


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